Introduction to Disco Night Fright Online Slots

Themed something like an invasion of Saturday Night Fever by the Groovie Ghoulies, Microgaming’s Disco Night Fright makes for spooky online slots gameplay. This video slot features five reels and the software developer’s exciting 243 Ways to Win instead of regular paylines, as well as wild and scatter symbols, and a darkly funny free spins game.

Its old school disco neon graphics are complimented by a soundtrack and sound effects that bring the tail-wagging werewolf theme to life.

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Golden Games Slot Machine by Playtech

Golden Games developed by Playtech has an Olympic theme and was introduced around the time of the summer Olympics in an attempt to get players into the spirit of the games.  This game serves as a tribute to the various events that take place around the world.  Golden Games has events such as track events, cycling as well as shot put and javelin and even tennis and basketball against the backdrop of the Olympic arena.  The symbols become animated on the paylines, the balls spin and the tennis rackets swing giving the game an interactive feel.  This adds to the overall fun aspect of the game.

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Playing Munchkins Slots

Munchkins is a 5-reel, 20 payline slot with a free spins bonus and a gamble feature. The game is produced by Microgaming and contains all the features expected from this software developer. The maximum jackpot during normal play is 15 000 coins and this increases to 30 000 coins during the free spins games.

Thematically, Munchkins are little aliens who seem to take bites out of everything around the house; homework, keys, wallets and, of course, biscuits. They only come out at night when they search for anything edible and inedible. The slot machine generates an atmosphere that is playful and light-hearted. The fact that Munchkins is available in Free Play mode facilitates practice and first-hand experience at no cost.

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Microgaming Release New Slots

Microgaming is an online slot developer that has been credited with many online slot game innovations since it began as an online casino. Microgaming was first established as an online casino rather than a casino game developer in 1994, just as online casino games were beginning to appear on the web, and Microgaming is widely believed to have been the first online casino in existence. Shortly after their establishment, Microgaming diversified, choosing instead to design and supply new Microgaming slots to other online casinos. Since then, Microgaming has become known in the industry as a leading innovator in the field of slot games, and the company ensures that they release new Microgaming slots on a monthly basis to keep up with the needs and demands of their players.

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Playing Mobile Poker Games Online

Over the past few years, mobile technology has increased at a dramatic rate. Today anyone with a tablet or smartphone can go online and play mobile casino games anytime they want. Mobile casinos Canada offer all the functionality of a full online gambling site with the added bonus of being portable.

When it comes to mobile casino games, poker has to be considered one of the biggest and most played casino games anywhere in the world. If you are new to mobile casinos, you are in luck. In the notes below we are going to explain how you can play online poker games on tablets, smartphones or just about any mobile device.

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Galacticons Online Slots from Microgaming

Online slots action in space is the focus of Microgaming’s alien-themed Galacticons video slot. The deep space life forms encountered on the reels of this game are not the stuff of Ellen Ripley’s nightmares; these would be more at home in a children’s movie.

Cute alien graphics notwithstanding, this game provides action in the form of five reels, 243 ways to win, free spins and bonus features.

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A Look at Caesars Casino for Online Gamblers

Caesars Casino is an online casino that is operated by Entertaining Play Limited. This online casino offers its players a range of games similar to those that can be found at the renowned Caesars Palace casino in Las Vegas, with the difference being that all Caesars Casino games can be played online for real money. The table games on offer at Caesars Casino include a range of slot games and also traditional table games, all which offer the opportunity to win real money online. Additionally, Caesars Casino offers special online promotions, including welcome and deposit bonuses and themed prizes like VIP trips to the Caesars Palace casino in Las Vegas.

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Finding Great Ancient Egypt Online Slots

Ancient Egypt has long been a popular theme for Slots machines, and today there are several offline and online games that are centred on Pharaohs, Pyramids and other symbols of the revered civilisation as well as on Western adventurers intent on exploring it. The list of Ancient Egypt online Slots is growing all the time, and players who commit to finding the Slots that best suit them are likely to have the best experiences. To find out how to do that and learn a little more about the Ancient Egypt online Slots currently available, read on.

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Playing Poker Pursuit Casino Game on iPad

There are tons of different poker varieties available and most of these can be accessed in both land-based and online casinos. The great thing about poker varieties is that players can still enjoy the basic game of poker, but mix it up with a few differences in terms of how the game is played. In order to get to know these games better, the iPad casino offers a great opportunity in offering free games, so players can practise the new variety of poker before actually putting down any real money. This is a great chance to practise games such as iPad casino poker pursuit.

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iPad Farkle Casino Game for Players

Farkle is a dice game with six dice, or five in some variations, a sheet of paper to keep score, and a pencil or pen to note down scores. The objective of the game is to score a total of 10 000 points.

At the beginning of the game, each player throws six dice. After each throw, the player has to decide whether to bank the points rolled in that turn, or whether to continue throwing the dice. If the player has scored all six dice, they can continue throwing and accumulate more points. They must have at least one scoring dice in each throw, otherwise they ‘farkle’ and will lose all the points they have already gathered in that terms. Once a player has decided to end the turn or has ‘farkled’, then the dice are passed on to the next player.

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